Ape Calessino

Ape Calessino is a special one of a kind vehicle thanks to the particular details that make it an icon recognizable worldwide.

The inimitable design, perfectly in line with the modern neo-vintage trend, is just one of the reasons why Ape Calessino, after more than 70 years from its birth, continues to surprise, imparting emotions, not only driving, but also on the eyes of the beholder. The compact dimensions, the exceptional manoeuvrability and the exclusive single, spacious and comfortable seats, are peculiarities that make it the most popular vehicle for the professional transport of people for tourism, exclusive hotels, resorts and theme parks.

Iconic but always modern, Ape Calessinois perfect for quality sightseeing: its success derives from the ability to transform travel into a unique and unforgettable experience.
Discovering the landscapes, traditions and folklores of a city has never been so much fun. A means that knows how to get noticed thanks to its elegant and at the same time romantic style, which make it an exclusive shuttle for tourism and an absolutely original vehicle to promote ones business in a distinctive way.